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Anthology Title: Vulnerability Re-Imagined

Subtitle: The Verge of Nothing and the Brink of Everything

writing prompts

Anthology Title: Vulnerability Re-Imagined

Subtitle: The Verge of Nothing and the Brink of Everything

Use these prompts to reflect and select your vulnerability superpower story to share.
1. Have you ever felt you or your intentions were misunderstood?
2. Have you felt your voice was silenced and how did you reclaim it?
3. Have you ever felt unprotected emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, etc?
4. Have you ever felt resented by a friend, family member, or co-worker?
5. What is your earliest memory of not receiving grace when you needed it most?
6. Have you ever been disappointed in yourself, your outcome, or others?
7. Have you ever lost yourself in pursuit of someone or something?
8. Do you have a school-aged memory that shaped how you did or did not pursue your dreams?
9. What childhood memory shaped how you love or lack love for yourself or others?
10. How has the way you were disciplined shaped your courage and freedom?
11. What is your earliest memory of joy/pain and how has it shaped how you move in the world?
12. Have you ever stayed in a situation/relationship/job longer than you should?
13. Has tradition or belief systems held you back from being your authentic self?
14. Have you ever felt abandoned or abandoned yourself?
15. Have you ever felt dismissed, disrespected, or dishonored and how did you reclaim it?
16. What challenges in life you didn’t think you could overcome but you did?
17. What has held you back from your purpose and how did you pursue it?
18. Has the loss of a loved one stopped time and how did you start again?
19. Has depression ever paralyzed you from making progress?
20. Has your experience with poverty prevented you from prosperity?
22. Has navigating cultural differences and building connections impacted your ability to thrive?
23. How has your cultural background shaped your experiences and interactions throughout life?
24. Have you experienced a racial encounter that shaped your view of self or community?
25. What generational trauma are you holding in your body and how do you wish to release it?

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