Le’Kedra facilitates, builds, and sustains relationships in the spirit of excellence through transformative coaching, curated events, and cultural experiences in the United States and African Diaspora.
I’m Coach LK, your trusted partner on this transformative journey.
Courage, Freedom, and Resiliency await you!
Are you ready to unlock and unleash your potential like never before? Are you tired of playing it safe and staying within your comfort zone? I’m here to help you break free from self-imposed limitations and give yourself permission to be beautifully, authentically vulnerable.

No more hiding behind walls or masks – it's time to embrace your vulnerabilities and see them as your “superpower”.


Connect Feaux

Do you have a hunger for Cultural Connection and thirst forTransformational Experiences?

Connect Feaux curates and fosters meaningful connections between locals, expats, transplants, and global travelers through immersive cultural experiences, transformative retreats, and events that embody a spirit of excellence.


SEMEAJ Consulting

Social Engagement Motivating Empowerment And Justice - Mobilize and empower communities with resources by organizing local, regional, and international networks and organizations. SEMEAJ specializes in facilitating, building, and sustaining relationships in the spirit of excellence.



Milne Inspiration Center (MIC-AMPED) is a cultural community collaborative center of learning that provides opportunity for community development and social enterprise for young people who have a vision, desire and passion to be contributors to their respective and global communities by being movement builders and changing the game of the social, economic and cultural landscapes of their communities.


Episode #1
May 3, 2024
Men embracing Vulnerability as their Superpower
D'Adario Conway, PhD
Dywan Richardson
Episode #1
May 14, 2024
Mother's Day edition with guests Akasia Lee-Nicholas, Queban Lee and Momma Lee
Meet Your Certified LIfe Coach
Le'Kedra Robertson
“Coach LK”, is a respected transformation coach, connector, and change agent, dedicated to empowering individuals and communities in the US, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Uganda.

As the visionary founder of Vulnerability Re-Imagined, Coach LK is a certified personal and executive coach with over 25 years of mentorship and leadership experience. She also obtained her Social Work degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Driven by her mission to Re-Imagine Vulnerability and S.I.F.T and S.H.I.F.T mindsets, Coach LK is committed to fostering healing, wholeness, and honoring our true authentic selves. In addition to her work with Vulnerability Re-Imagined, she is also the founder of Connect Feaux, a testament to her dedication to building meaningful connections.

Based in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, Coach LK continues to inspire individuals and communities across the country and the African Diaspora to embrace vulnerability as a superpower to personal growth and collective empowerment.

She served as a Mandela-Washington Reciprocal Fellow in Harare, Zimbabwe, in partnership with Jibilika. She has also been recognized as an “Everyday Hero” in New Orleans.
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