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Social Engagement Motivating Empowerment And Justice - Mobilize and empower communities with resources by organizing local, regional, and international networks and organizations. SEMEAJ specializes in facilitating, building, and sustaining relationships in the spirit of excellence.



Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP)
AmericaSpeaks Deputy Outreach Director for the Unified New Orleans Plan [UNOP]. Developed and implemented outreach strategy in five cities: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. The outreach in these cities engaged over 4,000 Hurricane Katrina survivors in a critical rebuilding planning process for the city of New Orleans. The Plan was drafted using participatory methods including grass-roots outreach, online consultations, district meetings, and community congresses.

Make it Right Lower 9th Ward

Community Relations & Engagement
Developed the Community Outreach Plan to champion the connection of potential homeowners to the Make It Right Foundation’s Homeownership Program, educate the community of the program’s benefits, and raise awareness of MIR’s commitment to rebuilding the lower 9th ward and being an active participant in the larger New Orleans community.
Mandela/Washington Fellowship Reciprocal Exchange
Global collaboration is critical to the growth of youth regardless of zip code, ethnicity, class, or educational background. Introducing youth to our global community is a great tool to develop innovative partnerships for cultural cross-community networking and identify resources for developing their own social enterprise, turning their passion into a profit, and amplifying their voice.

Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Professional Development Coach/Public Engagement Trainer
In partnership with the Mayor's office of Jonesboro, AR, organized a cross-community “Learning Journey” for North Jonesboro residents to New Orleans. Provided training, professional development coaching, and meeting facilitation for the North Jonesboro Neighborhood Initiative.
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